About growing well

Hi! I'm  Jennifer D. Simpson, LPCC and Growing Well is my passion project. The idea to start a website and blog has been percolating for awhile. I love to write, but for many years (decades!) it felt too vulnerable to put my thoughts and words out into the world to be consumed, interpreted, and evaluated by other people. Then a few years ago I dipped my toes in the water of public writing by composing a few articles on mental health for the local paper, and this whet my appetite for more.

I've recently experienced a lot of changes in my life - particularly with my health - and I find that I now not only have the time to write but the need to write. Writing has always been an outlet for my thoughts and a way to process my feelings. Growing Well is a work in progress that represents the synthesis of my interest in writing with my love of all things mental health and recovery. Please read my first blog post, Who, What, and Why, for more background on how I've come to this place at this time.

I hope that my own experiences can be helpful to others, and that together we can start some conversations about how to grow healthier in mind, body, spirit, and community. Please read, like, share and comment. I look forward to sharing this process of exploration with you!