Local Foods Coordinator

This is progress. I was reading the community news this morning and was excited to see a posting for a two year grant-funded position through the OSU Extension office. For those unfamiliar with agricultural communities, an Extension office is an outreach from a university that supports community development in areas off campus. In our case, The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is the parent of our Extension office. They're scattered across the state and they provide programming, education, grants... all kinds of stuff that helps local communities build farms, businesses and knowledge in their own communities. They're fantastic resources and incredibly useful for rural areas like ours.

The big news here is that our local State Representative helped find funding for a Local Foods Coordinator position. It appears to be a pilot project which in itself is pretty cool; I love the idea of being the first person to get a position on its feet and headed in a good direction. It's also exciting because sustainable agriculture and local food production are what I think are going to be some of the economic engines driving this area's comeback.

Hopefully we see more positions like this in the future. Local Foods Coordinator position